New ultra-small LDO linear regulator offers fast transient response

25-10-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments TPS7A02 is an ultra-small, ultra-low quiescent current LDO that can source 200mA with exceptional transient performance.

The device, with an ultra-low IQ of 25nA, is created especially for applications where very low quiescent current is a crucial parameter. This device sustains low IQ consumption even in dropout mode to increase battery life. When in shutdown or disabled mode, the device uses ultra-low, 3nA IQ that aids the increase of shelf life of the battery. The device provides an output range of 0.8V to 5V available in 50mV steps to support the lower core voltages of modern MCUs.

The device offers a smart enable circuit with an internally controlled pulldown resistor that keeps the LDO disabled even when the EN pin is left floating and helps reduce the external components employed to pulldown the EN pin. This circuit also helps reduce the current drawn through the external pulldown circuit when the device is enabled.

The device is fully specified for TJ = –40C to +125C operation.

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