New terminal block soldering process prevents electrical malfunction

23-10-2019 | New Yorker Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

New Yorker Electronics has released the innovative new Excel Cell Electronic ETB1A-THR Series Eurostyle PCB wire protector type terminal block. This new pitch 5mm terminal block device brings abilities not previously offered in terminal block mounting.

Through-hole components could not, previously, pass through reflow soldering process due to the reflow soldering process employing high temperatures to melt solder paste in several minutes. This meant that the plastic material of the through-hole portion could melt and produce an electrical malfunction.

With this new process, terminal blocks can now pass through the reflow soldering process and the plastic material will not melt. Employing UL 94V-0 grade fire retardant engineering plastic and special stainless steel wire protector created to assure reliable wire clamping, the THR components are created for fully automated assembly.

Furthermore, they are end stackable, producing no loss of PCB space and they are simple to assemble for any number of positions. The series is created with either two, three or four poles per block and is available with two to 18 total pins.

The series is able to clamp a broad variety of wire diameters (22 to 14AWG). They operate at temperatures between -30C and +125C.

These reliable new devices are valuable in HVAC, security, medical industries and more.

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