New MEMS thermopile vacuum sensors lowering costs for HVAC and industrial applications

04-10-2019 | Posifa Technologies | Test & Measurement

Posifa Technologies offers its new PVC3000 series of MEMS thermopile vacuum sensors. Created on the company's Pirani devices, the next-generation sensors give a wider effective range from 1 millitorr (0.13Pa) to

1atm (760torr, or 101kPa) to remove the necessity for further sensing technology and to reduce overall solution costs.

With their broad effective range, the vacuum sensors can measure vacuum to 1atm with no requirement for an extra pressure sensor, enabling designers to substitute two components with one in vacuum gauges for HVAC and industrial applications.

For improved reliability, the company has also redesigned the microstructure of its sensors to make them more robust and immune to pressure shock and the results of cleaning. The company has migrated to a CMOS production platform, following in improved repeatability, uniformity, and scalability.

Offered in TO5 (PVC3001) or TO46 (PVC3004) metal cans, the devices provide remarkably fast response times of <2ms typical and operate over a -25C to +85C temperature range.

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