Discrete TVS diode product line expanded offering higher peak pulse power

23-10-2019 | Bourns | Semiconductors

Bourns has expanded its industry-leading line of discrete TVS diode products with two new series of ESD/EFT surge protection devices. The company created its Model SMA6J and Model SMA6L-Q TVS diodes to protect power buses and I/O interfaces in data lines and DC power supplies. Furthermore, the company's Model SMA6J-Q is AEC-Q101 compliant and ideal for a wide range of communications, industrial and consumer electronics applications employed in certain harsh environments and needing high reliability.

Both model series are supplied in a compact, industry standard DO214-AC (SMA) package, and offer increased PPP dissipation of 600W compared to the 400W industry standard. TVS diodes are typically rated for peak pulse power enabling designers to decide the best type needed for a specific application and environment. These unidirectional/bidirectional devices provide reverse standoff voltage of 5-43V. The features of the company's new TVS diodes assist power supply designers to satisfy both their high-power density and small form factor requirements.

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