Versatile and high-quality sensors provide an essential addition to any industrial environment

20-09-2019 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS PRO Capacitive Proximity Sensors are versatile and high-quality sensors offering an essential addition to any environment where measurement of attributes like pressure, thickness, etc. are essential to business operations, such as manufacturing plants and industrial environments. The products provide a premium performance product without the premium product price tag.

This capacitive sensor can detect both metal and non-metal objects and can detect various media via non-metallic containers. They provide reliable and accurate liquid level detection. Capacitive proximity sensing provides improved usability, enhanced industrial design, and better functionality with many different consumer applications. This sensor uses a 2m PVC cable connector.

These sensors are particularly useful for level sensing in production or laboratory environments where specific attributes need to be monitored for efficient working and for the guarantee of quality, such as measuring pressure, flow, thickness, liquid level and much more.

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