New rectifiers and Sic Schottky diodes available now

20-09-2019 | New Yorker Electronics | Power

New Yorker Electronics now offers new products from Lite-On Semiconductor, including Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers and a new series of Sic Schottky Diodes. The new rectifiers are a strong choice for Server, Telecom, Data centre, Industrial, Lighting and Home Appliance applications. The NTT, the LVF/Ultra LVF and the GBJS have high surge current capacities and high heat dissipation.

The NTT Series features a high forward current ability up to 8A in a small SMD package. It is excellent for automated placement and offers reliable, low-cost construction utilising a precise plastic moulding technique. It’s used for fast charging, USB PD and NB adapters, general-purpose power adapters (<100W) and 3-in-1 DTV Power Board (<135W). The new Ultra LVF Series is designed for AC-to-DC full-wave bridge rectification for SMPS, LED lighting, home appliances, battery charger, adapter, office equipment and telecommunication applications. It’s rated at 600V PRV with sturdy, reliable construction in compact, thin-profile package design and approximately 220mg. The LVF provides a low-forward voltage drop suitable for a PCB. It, too, has the high-surge current capability and weighs only approximately 6.82g.

The new GBJS series also possesses a low-forward voltage drop making it excellent for a PCB Like the others; it is encased in a plastic material that has a 94V-0 UL flammability classification. It is employed in bridgeless technology in Desktops/Workstations to an 80+/90+ Silver and Gold Standard. It can be utilised for Server Power and Telecom Power Supply, Industrial Power Supply and home appliances.

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