Multi-beam HD connectors ideal for use in data, signal, control and power applications

17-09-2019 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The TE Connectivity PCB Sockets are connectors designed to enable the connection of two PCBs without cabling. These devices, when connected to a PCB, ensure a more secure and stable connection.

These PCB sockets are employed in a wide range of circuit board applications. They can be utilised as alternatives to soldering relays directly to a PCB, allowing for easy replacement of timers or relays.

These multi-beam HD connectors satisfy UL 1977 - component connectors for use in data, signal, control and power applications.

These connectors provide up to a maximum of 15 Signal contacts on each side, eight low power pitch 5mm contacts, eight low power pitch 3mm contacts and eight power pitch 6mm contacts or a maximum of 15 signal contacts on each side, four power pitch 7mm contacts and eight power pitch 5mm contacts.

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