MOSFET in new package ideal for growing e-bike market

27-09-2019 | MagnaChip | Power

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has released a 100V Mid-Voltage MOSFET with a new thermal package (M2PAK-7P) created for the fast-growing e-bike market. This MOSFET is ideal to satisfy the particular requirements of electric bike systems.

The company's 100V MOSFET, provides a best-in-class thermal package, an electronic device that controls the speed of the motor and provides a stable current of electric power to the lithium-ion BMS.

The company's MOSFET is particularly suitable for e-Bikes needing high power systems. With this device, the new MOSFET produces a best-in-class thermal performance and a lower Rds(on), when compared to other MOSFET products currently on the market. It also improves the maximum operating current to 240A. These features allow a high level of operational efficiency and a secure supply of power, both of which are essential for high-powered e-Bikes.

"The emergence of e-Bike is a highly attractive opportunity for MagnaChip," said YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip. "Our 100V MOSFET product in a specially-designed thermal package is designed for the particular needs of motors and lithium-ion batteries that power e-bikes like electric scooters. MagnaChip plans to launch new Mid-Voltage MOSFET products with M2PAK-7P to meet the evolving needs of this rapidly-growing consumer sector."