High energy bulk ceramic pulse withstand resistor is an extremely robust device

24-09-2019 | TTI Europe | Passives

Unlike other power resistors that use a wire or a film resistance element, in KOA’s bulk ceramic resistors the whole body of the resistor is the element. These devices are available now from TTI Europe. This construction results in a remarkably robust device able to absorb high pulse currents and voltages. The HPC and PCF series are perfect for high voltage and industrial applications.

The device offers a solid ceramic resistor body, that is non-inductive, provides 25kV pulse voltage (HPC 3, 4, 5), and a power rating up to 5W. The devices provide an operating temperature up to +200C and have a flame retardant coating (equivalent to UL94 V-0). The device is tested acc. to AEC-Q200 rev.D requirements and is EU-RoHS compliant.

Typical applications include high voltage circuits, medical HV-products, power supplies, inrush current limiting, snubber circuits, HV dividers, X-ray generators, electron beam microscopes, and are a replacement for solid carbon resistors.

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