Synchronous step-down converter provides superior load and line regulation

23-08-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Monolithic Power Systems MPQ4415A Synchronous Step-Down Converter provides 1.5A of continuous output current with superior load and line regulation over a 4V to 36V input supply range. The converter is available now from Mouser. The device runs in a fixed frequency, peak-current-control mode to regulate the output voltage. An internal clock initiates a PWM cycle. The integrated HS-FET turns on and stays on until the current approaches the value set by the VCOMP. When the power switch is off, it stays off until the next clock cycle begins. If the current in the power MOSFET does not reach the value set by VCOMP within 85% of one PWM period, the power MOSFET is forced off.

The device uses synchronous mode operation for greater efficiency over the output current load range. Current mode operation offers fast transient response and helps loop stabilisation. Full protection features include OCP and thermal shutdown.

The device needs a minimal number of readily available, standard, external components and is offered in a space-saving QFN-13 (2.5mm x 3mm) package.

The device is ideal for automotive, industrial control systems, medical and imaging equipment, telecom, and distributed power systems applications.

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