Standard surface-mounting slide DIP switch enables reduced mounting space

13-08-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The Omron A6S DIP switch, available now from TTI Europe, comes in a wide range of models from 1 to 10 poles, with both flat and raised actuator. The flat actuator version enables reduced mounting space, and can also be ordered with seal tape which allows it to be washable! The standard pitch between adjacent terminal pins is 2.54 mm. DIP switches are not generally employed for frequent on-off switching, therefore it is intended to give high contact reliability while the switch is left unemployed for an extended period by using a unique self-cleaning mechanism that scrapes off the contact surface throughout on-off switching as well as a structure with high contact pressure mechanism and contact pins plated with gold.

Typical applications factory automation equipment, servo controllers, emperature controllers, industrial machines, computer peripherals, and communication devices.

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