Portable and lightweight power converter for on-site aircraft maintenance

09-08-2019 | Digicom | Power

Digicom Electronics has introduced its new portable, lightweight, 400Hz power converter. The GENO 400Hz Digicom Power Converter Model 779 accepts 100VAC-250VAC, 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz single, two, or three-phase inputs and converts the power to 120VAC 60Hz output. The converter weighs only 15.1lbs, enabling simple transport to the place of use. This design is ideal for applications in the aerospace industry, construction, defence, as well as any remote activity locations where a standard power grid is not accessible.

The default power on, almost everything on an aircraft, as well as ground support equipment at airports and maintenance facilities, is created for 400Hz. Diesel power generators, the choice equipment for remote areas where standard power is not offered, deliver power at 400Hz. Yet all power tools made and employed in the USA, if not battery-driven, are designed to run on 110-120, 50Hz. This makes the GENO Converter an excellent partner in a seamless operation for convertible power in these applications.

The company's power converter's harmonic distortion of less than 5% and output short-circuit protection provide clean, efficient and safe operation. The four standard outlets with easy access ON/OFF switches, the LED status indicators, two internal cooling fans, each with vents containing an air filter that can be removed for cleaning, make the operation of the GENO Converter easy to use and maintain.

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