New TVS array for medical electronics circuit protection

08-08-2019 | Protek | Power

ProTek Devices has released a new bidirectional asymmetrical TVS array component for circuit protection in medical electronic devices, audio/video inputs, smartphones, and other applications. The new SMDB712C device can be configured for two or four data lines depending on power level demands.

The TVS array is also perfect for applications using RS-232, RS-422 and RS-423 data lines, for wireless network systems and other portable electronics. When connecting four devices in two pairs with a common ground, the entire power per line increases to 1.6kW (8/20 microsecond waveform).

This TVS array is compatible with IEC standards 61000-4-2 (ESD): air ±15kV, contact ±8kV; with 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A - 5/50ns; and with 61000-4-5 (surge): 12A, 8/20 microseconds - level 1 (line-ground) and level 2 (line-line). The array is also compliant with DO-160G, section 22, with waveform 5A and with 10Ohm resistors (30A/300V). The device also features 800W-600W peak pulse power per line (typical = 8/20 microseconds and bidirectional configuration. The asymmetrical design consists of four devices (12V and 7V). It is also RoHS and REACH compliant.