Low-power comparators ideal for space-critical designs in portable or battery-powered electronics

23-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TLV40x1 Low-Power Comparators are low-power, high-accuracy comparators with precision thresholds and a propagation delay of 360ns. These comparators are offered in an ultra-small, DSBGA package measuring 0.73mm x 0.73mm. This makes the device ideal for space-critical designs like portable or battery-powered electronics where low-power and fast response to changes in operating conditions are required.

The factory-trimmed switching thresholds and precision hysteresis unite to make the device appropriate for voltage and current monitoring in harsh, noisy environments. This is ideal where slow-moving input signals need to be converted into clean digital outputs. Likewise, brief glitches on the input are rejected, which ensures stable output operation without false triggering.

The TLV40x1R1/2 are offered in multiple configurations enabling system designers to realise their desired output response. For example, the TLV4021 and TLV4031 provide an open-drain output stage while the TLV4041 and TLV4051 offer a push-pull output stage. Moreover, the TLV4021 and TLV4041 provide a non-inverting input, while the TLV4031 and TLV4051 have an inverting input.

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