Linear voltage regulators provides a very-low quiescent current

20-08-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS7A25 LDO Linear Voltage Regulators provide a very-low IQ and an input voltage range of 2.4V to 18V. The regulators offer features enabling modern appliances to satisfy increasingly rigorous energy demands and assist in extending battery life in portable-power solutions.

The device has both fixed and adjustable variants with 1% output regulation accuracy that gives precision regulation for MCU references. The fixed-voltage version excludes external resistors and reduces PCB area. The adjustable version employs feedback resistors to set the output voltage from 1.24V to 17.64V for more flexibility or higher output voltages.

The LDO offers an efficient operation with a maximum dropout voltage of less than 360mV at 300mA of current. The maximum dropout voltage provides for 92.5% efficiency from a 5.4V VIN to 5.0V VOUT. The PG indicator can be applied to either hold an MCU in reset until power is good or for sequencing. The PG pin has an open-drain output enabling the pin to simply level-shift for monitoring by a rail other than VOUT. In the case of a load short or fault, the built-in current limit and thermal shutdown assist in protecting the regulator.

Typical applications include home and building automation, multicell power banks, smart grid and metering, portable power tools, motor drives, white goods, and portable appliances.

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