High-speed comparators offer fast propagation delay for LIDAR and ToF applications

12-08-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks MAX4002x comparators from Maxim Integrated. Among the fastest LVDS comparators available, the MAX40025 and MAX40026 single-supply, high-speed comparators achieve fast propagation delay for distance sensing, ToF, and high-speed test and measurement instruments.

The devices are single-supply, high-speed comparators with a typical propagation delay of 280ps and a remarkably low overdrive dispersion of 25ps (typical). The devices are compatible with the outputs of several broadly used high-speed transimpedance amplifiers, such as the MAX40658, due to their input common-mode range of 1.5V to VDD+0.1V. Both the devices run from a supply voltage of 2.7V to 3.6V.

The devices can also flexibly interface with multiple modern FPGAs and CPUs as the devices’ output stage is specified for LVDS. This ability facilitates the comparators to help reduce power dissipation (which aids in system optimisation), and complementary outputs assist in the suppression of common-mode noise on each output line. Compared to single-ended outputs, the devices’ fully differential LVDS outputs give the high-speed digital signalling and decreased EMI required for a mixture of low-noise, high-performance designs.

These comparators are provided in a space-saving, compact, 1.218mm x 0.818mm WLP package (MAX40025) or an AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified 2mm x 2mm TDFN package (MAX40026). For development, also available is the MAX40025EVKIT evaluation kit with layout options that enable engineers to simply modify the input termination.

The comparators are ideal for a wide range of applications including LIDAR, radar, and sonar; ToF sensors; high-speed differential line receivers; high-speed triggering in oscilloscopes; and communications equipment.

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