High-spec auto-ranging power supplies for automotive, component test and avionics applications

01-08-2019 | RS Components | Power

RS Components offers a new series of 200W and 400W high-specification and high-quality power supply units from Keysight Technologies. The E36200 series of single- and dual-output DC PSUs has been created for applications that will need more power than that produced by typical benchtop power units.

Principally engineers who design and test devices that use high currents, key applications comprise usage in electronics labs for testing components such as DC-DC converters, sensors and connectors, LED lighting drivers; automotive device testing at 12V, 42V and 120V; development of high-power portable devices including power tools, robotics and industrial monitoring systems; and broad deployment in the aerospace and defence market sectors for testing various avionics systems.

Comprising many of the advanced features of the E36300 series and offering low output ripple/noise and several layers of device protection, there are four auto-ranging DC power supplies in the 36200 series: the 200W units are the E36231A (30V, 20A) and the E36232A (60V, 10A); and the 400W units are the dual-output E36233A (30V, 20A) and the dual-output E36234A (60V, 10A). All the models are fully programmable and come with USB, LAN, optional GPIB and a digital I/O interface.

Designed to output more usable power, the manufacturer’s auto-ranging technology delivers the highest current available at all output voltages. Also, the dual-channel models offer auto-series and auto-parallel modes to combine their outputs into a single channel to double the voltage or current – up to 120V or 40A, for example. Other key features include ripple/noise as low as 350μV(RMS); protection features for devices under test including over-voltage, -current and -temperature; precision measurement capability; a data logger; and output sequencing.

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