Two-channel precision analog switch for use in medical equipment and industrial systems

24-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Texas Instruments TMUX1136 2:1 Two-Channel Precision Analog Switch is a CMOS single-pole double-throw (2:1) switch with two independently controlled channels. Broad operating supply of 1.08V to 5.5V enables usage in a wide array of applications from medical equipment to industrial systems. The device helps bidirectional analog and digital signals on the source (Sx), and drain (Dx) pins ranging from GND to VDD. All logic inputs have 1.8V logic compatible thresholds, assuring both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility when working in the valid supply voltage range. Fail-Safe Logic circuitry enables voltages on the control pins to be implemented before the supply pin, protecting the device from possible damage.

The device is suitable for a wide range of applications including ultrasound scanners, patient monitoring and diagnostics, blood glucose monitors, optical networking, optical test equipment, remote radio units, power amplifier switching, data acquisition systems, ATE test equipment, factory automation and industrial controls, flow transmitters, plc, analog input modules, SONAR receivers, and battery monitoring systems.

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