A robot created to entertain, inspire and educate

23-07-2019 | RS Components | New Technologies

The MekaMon from Reach Robotics is a fully programmable four-legged robot offering lifelike movement, excellent build quality and an expressive personality. The robot is available now from RS Components. The robot has been created to entertain, inspire, and educate. Just connect the robot to an Android or Apple device to take control and begin coding.

Using the robot with the ReachEdu App opens an unprecedented coding education experience. Starting with the basics, the robot is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to coding with no need for prior specialist knowledge. Coding on a real-world robot with a variety of sensors and lifelike motion makes code tangible, educating students of all ages through engaging, gamified learning while providing them the chance to explore and creatively experiment.

The robot app unlocks a world of cutting edge AR and multiplayer gameplay, plunging your device into intense virtual robot battles. The user can investigate the rich history of the MekaMon Universe and discover the unique lore behind the world of this robot.

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