Pressure sensor module can endure harsh environments

09-07-2019 | TE Connectivity | Test & Measurement

TE Connectivity's offers the Measurement Specialties MS5837-02BA26 Pressure Sensor Module. The device is an ultra-small gel filled pressure sensor optimised for both altimeter and barometer applications. This MEMS-based sensor incorporates a high-linearity pressure sensor including an ultra-low-power 24-bit digital-output (I2C) and an altitude resolution at sea level of 13cm.

The device is a two-bar model that provides improved durability in chlorine environments and improved shielding for diminished signal noise and interference. These pressure sensor modules offer a robust package, allowing them to endure harsh environments.

Typical applications cover fitness trackers, swim watches, personal navigation devices, mobile altimeter/barometer systems, bike computers, E-cigarettes, and drones.

By Natasha Shek