New sulfur-resistant fixed resistor series available in eight different footprints

02-07-2019 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns has a new sulfur-resistant AEC-Q200 compliant thick film resistor family available now. The Bourns Model CRxxxxA-AS chip resistor series is provided in eight different footprints from small 0201 (0603 metric) to 2512 (6432 metric) with rated power from 0.05W to 1W. The new surface-mount chip resistors also offer a broad resistance range from 1Ohm to 20megohms, making them excellent for a mixture of general-purpose applications.

The company created these resistors to work in specific harsh environments with higher levels of sulfur contamination. They are constructed using a thick film element printed onto a ceramic substrate, and tested in accordance with ASTM B809-95 methods, which tests for the porosity of metallic coatings exposed to humid sulfur vapour.

This chip resistor series complements the other circuit conditioning components from the company that incorporate power inductors and rectifier diodes. The company's expanded line of sulfur-resistant fixed resistors are RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

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