Multilayer ceramic capacitors available now for multiple applications

12-07-2019 | RS Components | Passives

Murata's multilayer ceramic capacitors comprise of alternating layers of ceramic material and metal conducting layers. The full range of MLCCs are available now from RS Components. The ceramic layers insulate the capacitor, reducing the loss of energy in the form of heat. These capacitors have high thermal stability, high ripple current capability and also extremely low ESR and ESL.

The company's MLCCs come in the standard case sizes of 0402, 0805, 1206 etc. The MLCCs are also available in automotive grades (AEC-Q200). The Class 1 MLCCs are known to be highly stable, accurate and have low losses. Their Class 2 MLCCs have a highly permittive dielectric which gives better volumetric efficiency. However, they have lower accuracy and stability than Class 1 capacitors and are better suited to bypass, coupling and decoupling applications, or for frequency discriminating circuits.

Typical applications include power supplies, DC-DC converters, telecommunications, medical equipment, switch mode power supplies, and automotive solutions.

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