Class-D audio amplifiers for driving high peak power into small loudspeaker applications

09-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TAS2563 Class-D Audio Amplifiers is optimised for efficiently driving high peak power into small loudspeaker applications. The device features 6.1W of peak power into a 4Ohm load at a battery voltage of 3.6V and supports boost bypass mode (External PVDD mode) where it can achieve 12W at 10% THD+N (4Ohm at 12V). Devices can share a common bus via I2S/TDM + I2C interfaces.

The device offers an on-chip, low-latency DSP that supports the company's SmartAmp speaker protection algorithms maximising loudness while maintaining safe speaker conditions. Real-time monitoring of the loudspeakers is supported through integrated speaker voltage and current sense with internal protection algorithm, permitting pushing peak SPL while keeping speakers in the safe operating area. Amplifier headroom over the entire charge cycle is optimised using a battery tracking peak voltage limiter with brown-out prevention, preventing system shutdowns. The device has a compact PCB footprint and is available in a 42-ball, 0.4mm pitch DSBGA (YBG) package.

Typical applications smart phone, tablets, laptop, and wireless speaker.

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