Buck converters provide tight power specification for noise sensitive applications

15-07-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS65653-Q1 Dual High-Current 3A Buck Converters offer a tight power specification for noise sensitive applications. The device offers two step-down DC-DC converters and general-purpose digital-output signals. The device is managed by an I2C-compatible serial interface and by an enable signal.

Over a broad output-current range, the automatic PWM/PFM (AUTO mode) operation produces high-efficiency. The accuracy of the output voltage is increased by the remote voltage sensing compensating the IR drop between the regulator output and the POL. Furthermore, the switching clock can be forced to PWM mode and also synchronised to an external clock to reduce the disturbances. The device supports programmable start-up and shutdown delays and sequences as well as GPO signals synchronised to the enable signal. The device manages the output slew rate to reduce output voltage overshoot and the in-rush current through start-up and voltage change.

Typical applications for the device include radar system ECU, automotive head unit and cluster, automotive camera module, surround view system ECU, and automotive display.

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