Wide VIN buck converter is reliable in industrial and automotive applications

06-06-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments LM5164 1A synchronous buck converter features transient protection to 100V, 150C operating junction temperature, a thermally-enhanced SOIC-8 package, and very low <10µA IQ.

The converter is intended to regulate over a wide input voltage range, reducing the requirement for external surge suppression components. A minimum controllable on-time of 50ns promotes large step-down conversion ratios, allowing the direct step-down from a 48V nominal input to low-voltage rails for diminished system complexity and solution cost. The device operates during input voltage dips as low as 6V, at nearly 100% duty cycle if required, making it an ideal choice for wide input supply range industrial and high cell count battery pack applications.

With integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs, the device provides up to 1A of output current. A COT control architecture gives nearly constant switching frequency with excellent load and line transient response. Extra features of the device comprise ultra-low IQ and diode emulation mode operation for high light-load efficiency, integrated VCC bias supply and bootstrap diode, innovative peak and valley overcurrent protection, precision enable and input UVLO, and thermal shutdown protection with auto-recovery. An open-drain PGOOD indicator provides fault reporting, sequencing, and output voltage monitoring.

The device is offered in a thermally-enhanced, eight-pin SO PowerPAD package. Its 1.27-mm pin pitch gives adequate spacing for high-voltage applications.

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