Solid state relays offer longer life with excellent resistance to shock and vibration

25-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Panasonic AQY217GS PhotoMOS Solid State Relays, available now from Mouser, can deliver 200V load voltage and 1.8Ohm low on-resistance. The low on-resistance assists in lower heat dissipation and quicker turn-on activation speed. These solid state relays offer high switching ability and can manage both AC and DC loads.

The solid state relays offer further benefits such as longer life cycles, greater resistance to shock and vibration, and a theoretically endless life cycle. These solid state relays come in a 4.3mm x 4.4mm x 2.1mm SOP four-pin surface mount package with both tube and tape/reel packaging.

These solid state relays are excellent for usage in the measurement market, building automation systems, security equipment, fire prevention systems, and industrial machines.

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