LED battery meters for maintenance applications with limited space

11-06-2019 | RS Components | Power

RS Components RS PRO LED battery meters are a range of high quality and durable meters for use in testing and monitoring of various functions relating to a battery's charge level, maintenance, battery life or status. The meters are perfect for usage in maintenance applications with limited space, due to the reliable and compact design. These digital battery meters are a simple and cost-effective way of evaluating a batteries condition in real time, assisting the maintenance battery life and power.

This model of battery meter provides a ten segment LED bar graph display consisting of one red, two yellow and seven green LEDs enabling results to be presented quickly and effectively in real time. This model is intended to fit a standard panel cut-out and has an operating voltage of 12/24V, 36V, 48V and 72V. This meter offers a broad operating temperature of -40C to + 85C, providing for tests to be carried out on a diversity of applications including golf cars, commercial cleaning equipment, mobility aids, electric bicycles, and medical devices.

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