Isolated dual-channel gate drivers give high efficiency and high power density

04-06-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments UCC21220/UCC21220A 3.0kVRMS Isolated Dual-Channel Gate Drivers facilitate high power density, high efficiency, and robustness in a broad range of power applications. The device is created with best-in-class dynamic performance driving IGBT, power MOSFET, and GaN transistors. The drivers can be configured as two high-side drivers, two low-side drivers, or half-bridge drivers. Two outputs can be paralleled to create a single driver; this doubles the drive strength for heavy load conditions with no internal shoot-through. A 3kVRMS isolation barrier divides the input side from the two output drivers, with a minimum of 100V/ns CMTI. The drivers provide protection features that incorporate a DIS pin that shuts down both outputs simultaneously when it is set high, and an INA/B pin that rejects input transient shorter than 5ns. Further features on the device are a UVLO, active pull-down protection that clamps the output below 2.1V when floated or unpowered, and both inputs and outputs that can withstand –2V spikes for 200ns.

Typical applications include AC/DC and DC-DC power supplies; server, telecom, IT and industrial infrastructures; motor drive and solar inverters; HEV and BEV battery chargers; industrial transportation; and UPS.

By Natasha Shek