Heavy duty connectors deliver outstanding performance in harsh environments

07-06-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TE Connectivity’s Heavy Duty Connectors provide outstanding and reliable performance in harsh environments. They offer data, signal and power connection solutions between various devices in different applications. The modular and standard interface design maximise the application’s efficiency.

These products have been adopted by a broad spectrum of industries, including the robotics, wind energy, packaging, construction machinery, printing and tobacco machinery including railway and automation industries.

These products comprise of three key elements: contacts and hoods, inserts, and housing. The inserts and contacts are modular and assembled together to offer electrical performance, and the hoods and housings are constructed of metal or thermoplastic, robustly structured to give mechanical and environmental protection for the connector. The waterproof anti-corrosion housing assures that the products operate under harsh environments and even satisfy customer’s outdoor connection needs.

This series of products support an extensive range of electrical demands, e.g. a rated current from 5A to 350A. The modular system gives a high degree of flexibility for customers to customise their solutions for various applications, without the need for modifications. The company can also offer customised designs and products to satisfy special customer needs.

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