External temperature sensors offer superior RF performance and flexibility

06-06-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Laird Connectivity Sentrius RS1 External Temperature Sensors, available now from Mouser, are battery-powered and long-range integrated sensor platform utilises the benefits of LoRaWAN and BLE connectivity. These sensors are rugged in a small a form-factor containing superior RF performance and flexibility with a broad-ranging external temperature probe. The Semtech SX1272 and Nordic nRF51 silicon provide a LoRa range of up to 10 miles with a local 2.4GHz connectivity choice to smartphones and tablets. The device sensors use field-proven and reliable RS1 hardware that gives 868MHz and 915MHz frequencies LoRaWAN options, and BLE for local data display, configuration and troubleshooting.

These wireless temperature sensors incorporate a local data display, integrated antennas and rugged IP65 enclosures. The wireless sensors are highly secure and scalable. The sensors can be employed to develop a fully-integrated private LoRa network to route, capture, and process data for LoRa IoT applications.

Typical applications cover cold chain management, agricultural humidity, food safety, environmental monitoring, industrial healing, and industrial cooling.

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