AMR speed and direction IC platform for detecting speed and direction of a ring magnet encoder

13-06-2019 | TTI Europe | Semiconductors

Honeywell’s Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) IC product line is designed to detect the speed and direction of a ring magnet encoder target utilising a patented bridge design. The three new offerings include two and four-pin AMR sensors to be used in speed, speed and direction sensing in transmissions, wheel speed measurement, integrated bearings and seals and for shaft speed measurement in pumps, motors and compressors. These products are designed to provide increased flexibility and may be used in most types of mounting configurations. The AMR bridge is employed in saturation, giving a more stable output response when the system has vibrations. They do not need automatic gain control or chopper stabilisation that can lead to increased jitter over the operating range.

The products are ideal for two-pin transmission sensors (VM721V1): feedback to vehicle ECU for efficiency and comfort, gear shift synchronisation, instrument clusters; two-pin sensor for wheel speed and direction monitoring (VM721D1): ABS/ESC functions, auto or valet parking, indirect tire pressure; four-pin quadrature sensor for shaft monitoring (VM821Q1): incremental encoders, conveyor rollers speed, process line speed and direction; four-pin quadrature sensor (VM821Q1): gearbox output speed, garage door opening systems, induction motors, fan speed systems; and four-pin quadrature sensor (VM821Q1): electric actuated blind position, pumps and compressors, integrated seals and bearings.

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