Switch-mode buck charger for portable equipment and mobile devices

09-05-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now offers the MAX77860 switch-mode buck charger from Maxim Integrated. Merging high performance, wide input voltage, and USB Type-C CC detection, the device is excellent for USB Type-C charging for single-cell (1S) lithium-ion or lithium-polymer applications, portable industrial equipment, portable medical equipment, and mobile POS devices, as well as smartphones and IoT applications.

This step-down charger features an input operating range of 4V to 13.5V and support for USB Type-C CC detection with reverse boost capability to power USB On-The-Go accessories. The charger comprises two integrated switches and a single input for both USB and high-voltage adapters. The device’s I<sup>C</sup> programmable settings enable it to accommodate a wide range of system loads and battery sizes. The charger is protected from input overvoltage events of up to 14V, and features an input current limit of 4A and a battery charging current limit of 3.15A.

The device provides a specially designed CC, CV and die temperature regulation algorithm, while the on-chip ADC monitors battery voltage, charging input voltage and current, battery temperature, and charging and discharging current.

The device is supported by the MAX77860 evaluation kit, which incorporates an evaluation board (with onboard MAX77860 charger and an integrated I<sup>C</sup>C interface) and a MINIQUSB communication device.

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