Ka-band power amplifier is ideal for space-constrained applications

16-05-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Power

MACOM MAAP-011298 2.3W Ka-Band Power Amplifier, available now from Mouser, is a four-stage power amplifier providing 24.5dB of linear gain across a 27GHz to 31.5GHz frequency range. The device also offers 2.3W saturated output power and 26% efficiency while biased at 6V. The device can be employed as a power amplifier stage or as a driver stage in higher power applications.

The amplifier is provided in a compact 5mm<sup>2</sup> lead-free AQFN 32-lead package, excellent for space-constrained applications. This device is manufactured using a GaAs pHEMT process which highlights full passivation for enhanced reliability.

Typical applications include SATCOM and VSAT; and 28GHz Precision Time Protocol.

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