Hybrid components for overvoltage protection now available

08-05-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Mouser now stocks the new GMOV hybrid overvoltage surge protection components from Bourns. GMOV components offer a long-life, reliable protection solution that gives a higher level of performance and safety in contrast to standard MOVs. The company's GMOV series is perfect in AC applications where conditions are less than predictable or uncontrolled, in markets such as consumer, non-lifesaving and non-critical medical, industrial, and communications.

The GMOV components combine the company's space-saving GDT with FLAT technology with a MOV to form a compact, robust hybrid component. By merging two technologies, the GMOV component effectively removes leakage and most damage due to watt loss heating, following in a protection solution with zero standby energy consumption and heightened mean time between failures.

The series provides an easy drop-in replacement for existing MOVs and is available in standard 14mm and 20mm MOV packages. The solution has been tested, evaluated and shown to be effective against many of the threats it will encounter in the field in applications such as surge protective devices, white goods, solar power, medical electronics, chargers, and power line communications.

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