High-current photorelays achieve UL 508 certification for factory automation applications

24-05-2019 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe's high-current photorelays are now offered with UL 508 certification. All of these nine devices in the series incorporate low on-state resistance MOSFETs based upon the company's U-MOS VIII process that guarantees high performance in a broad range of applications.

All devices in the series (TLP3556A, TLP3558A, TLP241A, TLP3543A, TLP3545A, TLP3546A, TLP3547, TLP3548 and TLP3549) are all fully certified to UL 508 and UL1577. These approvals enable designers to simply meet the UL safety demands for control equipment, including the thermal design margin, which eases the sale of this equipment on a global basis.

The series includes a total of nine devices that are housed in DIP packages with DIP4, DIP6 or DIP8. All packages offer a surface mount option, including wide-body versions. Devices can operate over the industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C ambient, while the case temperature can safely rise to 105C.

The photorelays can handle OFF-state output terminal voltages (VOFF) as high as 600V. They offer ON-state resistances (RON) as low as 22mOhm and can handle continuous currents (ION) up to 5A. The pulsed current (IONP) is three times this level, thereby contributing to design safety.

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