Flash memory offers faster effective programming and erase than prior generation

30-05-2019 | RS Components | Semiconductors

The Cypress Semiconductor S25FLxS FL-S NOR Flash Memory Devices, available now from RS Components, are 2.7V-3.6V or 1.65V-3.6V VIO Volt Flash Non-volatile Memory Devices. The devices use 65nm MirrorBit technology. Highlighting the Eclipse architecture with a Page Programming Buffer, the product enables users to program up to 256 words. This produces faster effective programming and erase than previous generation SPI program or erase algorithms.

The devices connect to a host system through an SPI and support established SPI single bit serial input and output. The devices offer support for Double Data Rate read commands for SIO, DIO, and QIO. The devices transfer address and read data on both edges of the clock. Using FL-S devices at the suggested higher clock rates with QIO or DDR-QIO commands. The instruction read transfer rate can equal a conventional parallel interface, asynchronous, NOR flash memories while decreasing signal count dramatically.

The device offers high-density performance abilities coupled with the flexibility and speed needed by a mixture of embedded applications. These memory devices are excellent for code shadowing, XIP and data storage.

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