Efficiency and robustness of design improved with an opto-emulated gate driver

22-05-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments UCC23513 is an Opto compatible, single-channel, isolated IGBT, SiC, and MOSFET gate driver with 3A peak output current and 5KVRMS reinforced isolation rating. The high supply voltage range of 33V enables the use of bipolar supplies to effectively drive SiC power FETs. The device can drive both high side (with external bootstrap diode and capacitor) and low side power FETs.

Key features and characteristics bring important performance and reliability upgrades over standard optocoupler-based gate drivers while supporting pin-to-pin compatibility in both schematic and layout design. Performance highlights include high common mode transient immunity, low propagation delay, and small pulse width distortion. Tight process control means small part-to-part skew. The input stage is an ediode, which indicates long term reliability and excellent ageing characteristics over traditional LEDs. Also, the Material Group I mould compound and resulting comparative tracking index of >600V means robust insulating material.

The device’s high performance and reliability along with its stretched SO-6 package, >8.5mm clearance and creepage make it suitable for inverter applications in motor drive and solar, DC motor control, industrial power supplies, and appliances. The higher operating temperature opens up opportunities for applications not previously able to be supported by traditional optocouplers.

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