Comprehensive SMD fuse portfolio supports broader range of current and voltage demands

20-05-2019 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns has completed a notable expansion of its SinglFuse overcurrent protection product line, adding 33 new model series to the portfolio over the last 18 months. An increasing focus on safety over many industries has led to growing demands for effective circuit protection. Designed to safety standards and to offer reliable overcurrent protection in sensitive circuitry, the increased portfolio underpins a broad range of current and voltage demands with ratings up to 100A and 600VAC. These features satisfy a broad spectrum of overcurrent protection needs in applications such as telecom infrastructure and industrial automation equipment, handheld consumer devices, battery management and energy storage systems.

The latest products provide a wide assortment of fusing speeds and abilities including fast-acting and slow blow, fast-acting precision, time lag, high current, high inrush, and high voltage. Provided in standard EIA package footprints from 0402 to 3812, the company's new devices are drop-in replacements for comparable fuse products and can easily fit PCB layouts.

"We've substantially strengthened our SinglFuse product line as part of Bourns' strategy to engineer and supply the broadest and most cutting-edge circuit protection devices on the market," said Lee Bourns, Multifuse and SinglFuse Product Line Manager at Bourns. "Bourns is in a unique position to be able to offer such a comprehensive portfolio of SMD fuses. While many fuse manufacturers only offer one or two fuse technologies with limited customization capabilities, we have developed a large selection of standard products and custom options. This allows design engineers to either select a standard SinglFuse SMD Fuse off-the-shelf, or we can quickly develop one that best satisfies their application requirements."

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