Aluminium electrolytic capacitor is ideal for automotive, medical and alternative energy applications

15-05-2019 | RS Components | Passives

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer a smaller capacitor option when high power ratings and high capacitance values are required. This Vishay 390μF 500VDC Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor offers through hole 36 dia. x 57mm, 36mm, and 10mm. The products are available from RS Components. Vishay also offers a wide choice of aluminium capacitors, as well as the product support needed to specify the ideal products for automotive, alternative energy, medical, and other high-demand applications.

The capacitors come in a compact design, with improved ripple current and useful life of up to 3000h at 105C, and are available up to 500V. A keyed polarity snap-in version is available.

The capacitors are ideal for solar PV inverters, motor controls/small drives, smoothing and filtering, standard and switched mode power supplies, and industrial air conditioning applications.

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