Board kit enables developers to get started with initial firmware development

24-04-2019 | RS Components | Development Boards

The Renesas Electronics Target Board Kit S5D3 (TB-S5D3) allows developers to get started with initial firmware development and evaluate the Synergy Software Package (SSP) on the S5D3 MCU Group. The kit is available now from RS Components.

The user can access all pins and on-board peripheral of the Synergy S5D3 MCU Group. Accelerate code development with the tightly integrated and qualified synergy software package. The user can view, Step through, and Debug Code with e2 studio ISDE from the company or using IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy.

The kit offers flexible connectivity options with USB and Pmod Connector enabling rapid Prototyping with plug-in modules. HMI functionality is offered with a capacitive Touch sensing unit and user pushbuttons. Measure real-time power consumption of current over program execution operate from high precision on-board crystals or lower precision internal clock. Safety features include hardware diagnostics, memory protection, and watchdog timeout.

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