New SiC JFET family for low power AC/DC flyback converters

22-03-2019 | UnitedSiC | Power

UnitedSiC has released a range of SiC JFET die fitting for co-packaging with a controller IC with built-in low voltage MOSFET to fabricate a remarkably fast, cascode-based, 20-100W Flyback product. Ranging from 650V to 1700V, these normally-on SiC JFETs allow simplified start-up implementation with zero standby dissipation and are perfect for the large flyback AC/DC applications market, which includes consumer adapters and auxiliary power supplies.

Controller IC manufacturers can profit from the small die sizes with very low RDS(ON) and capacitances. The normally-on JFET assists to meet light and no-load dissipation regulations when coupled with a low Qg low voltage MOSFET integrated into the controller IC.

“With the addition of these new SiC JFETs, UnitedSiC now has one of the largest SiC power portfolios in the industry,” says UnitedSiC CEO Chris Dries. “We now have high-performance JFET functionality in both die and discrete package form.”

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