Miniature power PCB relay ideal for domestic appliances

07-03-2019 | RS Components | Power

TE Connectivity PCJ Series miniature power through-hole mount PCB relays offer a 200mW sensitive coil and 8mm creepage/clearance. These series have Class A 3A silver-nickel contacts apart from part numbers PCJ-xxxxxx-WG000M which are in accordance with IEC 60335-1 (domestic appliances) which have Class F 5A silver-nickel contacts. Part numbers suffixed with H (e.g. PCJ-xxxxxxH) are wash tight, all other models are flux proof. The devices operate at ambient temperature -40C to +90C / -40C to +105C. The dimensions are 15mm (h) x 7mm (w) x 18.2mm (w). Typical applications for these PCJ series miniature power relays are domestic appliances.


By Electropages Admin