New TVS diodes protect against voltage transients, ESD and EFT surges

21-03-2019 | Bourns | Semiconductors

Bourns has released two new families of AEC-Q101-compliant TVS diode components. Assigned Models SM8S-Q and SM8SF-Q, these families are composed of both unidirectional and bidirectional TVS diodes. They are intended to protect against voltage transients, ESD and EFT surges in DC power supplies and on data lines. Because the new devices are AEC-Q101-compliant, they are an optimal protection solution for applications that require to reach high-reliability demands such as in equipment that works in high power, high temperature or harsh environmental conditions. Producing excellent surge performance and offered in a compact DO-218 size package format, the SM8S-Q Series provides a maximum peak power dissipation of 6600W. The new Model SM8SF-Q Series has a high peak pulse power (PPK10/1000┬Ás) of 7000W in ultra-low 1.3mm package profile allowing compact power designs. Customers can select from a range of working peak reverse voltages from 16V up to 43V for Model SM8S-Q Series, and from 24V to 36V with the Model SM8SF-Q Series. Both product families deliver very fast protection with typical response times less than 1.0 picosecond. Furthermore, the company's latest TVS diode components assist compliance to ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2 surge specifications.