High speed and accuracy for new current sensor IC

22-03-2019 | Allegro | Semiconductors

Allegro MicroSystems has launched its latest Hall effect current sensor IC, which produces its highest speed and accuracy in >400A sensing applications to date. Suitable for hybrid and electric vehicle inverter applications that require high accuracy sensing to 1000A or more, the ACS70310 provides a robust solution with diagnostic functions that can improve functional safety and reliability. The linear current sensor IC achieves +/-1.2% sensitivity and +/-5mV of offset error over the automotive temperature range of –40C to 150C. By offering both short circuit and over-current detection, the device produces an analog output voltage proportional to the applied magnetic field. With improved safety, the output of the device has a response time of 2uS and a typical operating bandwidth of 240kHz. “Our current sensor ICs are leading the market in inverters in hybrid and fully electric vehicles—thanks to our focus on innovation in the industry,” explains Shaun Milano, director of Allegro’s current sensor product line. The ACS70310 offers the industry-leading accuracy, speed, and protection features that our customers have been looking for.”

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