Unique design panel mount delivers optimum performance in wet contaminated environments

28-02-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The new PT Series of sealed power toggle switches from C&K is now available from TTI Europe. The multi-function PT Series has a patented single piece injection moulded panel and toggle seal designed to produce optimum performance in harsh, dirty, dusty environments. Certification to the globally accepted UL61058 standard indicates that no additional testing is needed. Applications for the new series include off-road construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and machinery, material handling equipment and outdoor industrial equipment.

The series has an IP66/IP68 versatile rating and can endure intense and wet weather, as well as featuring a high-strength, heat-resistant housing for exacting applications subjected to vibration and harsh conditions. Also, the series provides superior resistance to oil and fuel in case of contact through spillage. Materials used in the construction of the switches are rugged: cases are thermoset, actuators and pivot pins stainless steel, bushing is die-cast zinc. The switches are fit for operating and storage temperatures ranging between -40C to +85C.

The series is offered in single and double pole versions. The company’s Build-A-Switch facility allows customers to select from options from six types of switch function and the type of terminal needed (quick connect brass terminals in 0.250" or screw terminals or solder terminals in silver-plated brass).

Further applications for the series include articulating, scissor and bucket lift controls and lift-gate controls.

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