Circuit protection power solutions improve system reliability and lowers maintenance costs

26-02-2019 | TTI Europe | Power

Littelfuse provides both overcurrent and overvoltage solutions with their PSR Series High-Speed Square Body Fuses and their AK/LTKAK high energy TVS Diodes, available now from TTI Europe.

The fuses are specially designed for protection of power semiconductor devices such as diodes, triacs, SCRs, IGBTs, MOSFETs and other SSDs that are typically designed into power conversion and power conditioning equipment. The TVS diodes provide superior clamping performance over standard SAD technologies. LTKAK series also offer the highest power rating (8x20µs waveform) among surface mount TVS available in the current market.

Both overcurrent and overvoltage protections are ideal solutions for power applications including DC systems, power grid and distribution systems, battery protection application, electric vehicle charging stations, and heaters and power supplies.

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