Low-cost prototyping kits offer flexible platforms for IoT development

11-02-2019 | RS Components | Development Boards

RS Component offers the availability of two new PSoC 6 prototyping kits from Cypress Semiconductor Corp.: the first for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT development and the second for BLE based IoT applications.

As well as offering advanced connectivity, the two kits provide a low-cost hardware development platform that allows designs based around the ultra-low-power dual-core-architecture Cypress PSoC 6 microcontroller. The PSoC 6 MCU integrates built-in security, up to 2MB of flash memory and 1MB of SRAM, together with an Arm Cortex M4 for high-performance tasks and a Cortex-M0+ for low-power tasks, all on a single chip.

The PSoC 6 Wi-Fi-/BT prototyping kit combines the PSoC 6 MCU with industry-leading connectivity via an on-board module hosting the Cypress CYW4343W combo chipset, which provides 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. The kit offers a snap-away form factor, giving developers the flexibility to use various peripherals to design and prototype IoT applications. It also offers the company's CapSense capacitive touch sensing technology, as well as a 512MB Quad-SPI NOR flash device, a MicroSD card slot, and a Digilent Pmod interface.

The second offering is the PSoC 6 BLE prototyping kit, which provides the CYBLE-416045-02 EZ-BLE Creator Module (based on the PSoC 63 MCU). This module is fully certified for Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a programmable turnkey solution for developers to add Bluetooth connectivity to IoT designs. It comes with a royalty-free BLE stack and provides 36 GPIOs in a 14mm x 18.5mm x 2mm package.

The kit is also created with a snap-away form-factor, which enables the separation of the on-board programmer and debugger (KitProg2) from the target board. It also offers a mikroBUS interface providing interfacing of the MCU with any of MikroElektronika’s 500+ click boards.

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