Multimeter and thermal imager visually locates an electrical problem

04-01-2019 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The FLIR DM285 is a professional, all-in-one True RMS digital multimeter and thermal imager. The device is available now from RS Components. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement technology powered by the company's built-in 160 x 120 thermal imager, the device visually leads you to the precise location of an electrical problem without direct contact. The user can pinpoint hot spots safer, faster, and more efficiently. The device also serves to streamline inspections by connecting wirelessly to FLIR Tools or the company's new InSiteTM workflow management app.

The device uniquely features Bluetooth which allows wireless data transfer on compatible mobile devices. The device allows users to prepare efficient survey routes, maintain accurate documentation, share information with clients, and file instant reports

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