Quad bilateral switch for analog signal switching or multiplexing

07-12-2018 | Texas Instruments | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Texas Instruments CD4066B Quad Bilateral Switch is designed for the transmission or multiplexing of analog or digital signals. The device is pin-for-pin compatible with the CD4016B but presents a much lower on-state resistance. The on-state resistance is also relatively constant over the entire signal-input range. The device comprises of four bilateral switches, all with independent controls. Both the p and the n devices in a particular switch are biased on or off simultaneously by the control signal. The well of the n-channel device on the switches is tied to the input (when the switch is on) or to the VSS (when the switch is off). This configuration removes the difference of the switch-transistor threshold voltage with input signal and maintains the on-state resistance low over the full operating-signal range.

Typical applications include analog signal switching/multiplexing: signal gating, modulators, squelch controls, demodulators, choppers, commutating switches; digital signal switching/multiplexing; transmission-gate logic implementation; analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions; and impedance, phase, and analog-signal gain.

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