New ultra-low-power MCU for industrial instrumentation and IoT sensor devices

27-12-2018 | RS Components | Semiconductors

RS Components is shipping a new Renesas Synergy ultra-low-power microcontroller that simplifies designs for a broad range of industrial applications including multisensory systems, instrumentation, headless medical monitors, and single-phase electrical meters.

The R7FS1JA783A01CFM Synergy MCU is based on a 48MHz Arm Cortex-M23 processor core with 256KB code flash and 32KB SRAM memory. The MCU highlights enhanced programmable analogue and security functions for high-accuracy sensor signal acquisition and conditioning. Combining a 16-bit ADC, 24-bit sigma-delta ADC, 12-bit DAC, op-amps, and high-speed and low-power comparators, the MCU’s built-in analogue functionality can be configured to offer basic functions or more complex analogue blocks. This capability allows developers to lessen BOM costs and PCB size by removing the use of discrete components.

Other important aspects of the device include capacitive-touch-enable pins that expedite the development of touch-based HMI interfaces. Also, the device’s memory mirror function allows the switching from one memory region to another with minimum software overhead, enabling developers to quickly implement OTA updates.

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